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Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention
Institute on Community Integration
Institute on Community Integration

Photo of mentor with student and tablet, representing Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention.

Check & Connect App

An iPad showing the Check & Connect Software Implementation

The Check & Connect web-based application (C&C App) helps C&C mentors and coordinators document, monitor, and report on student progress using their computer or tablet web browser. When you purchase an annual subscription for your school or site, an unlimited number of mentors at your site can use the C&C App to monitor their assigned students (unlimited devices and unlimited users per site).

With the C&C App, you can more easily —

  • Keep students on track to graduate
  • Enhance fidelity of C&C implementation
  • Save time in data entry and analysis
  • Share visual trends in real time
  • Customize monitoring and reporting to suit your site


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Supports comprehensive small- and large-scale C&C implementation

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Enhances the fidelity of implementation of the Check & Connect intervention

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Reduces paperwork and saves time and money in data entry for mentors

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Interactive, real-time reports keeps the student, parents, and school staff informed of progress

Benefits to Me

Do away with paper monitoring forms and bring your tablet to your 1:1 meetings with students. With the app, you can easily document, track, and even illustrate progress in a student's attendance, grades, missing assignments, and behavior. Mentors can only view their students' data.

Administrators and Coordinators—
With the C&C App, you have access to powerful data visualization tools for your individual school or entire district. View data trends over time, examine progress of specific student populations, monitor frequency of mentor interventions to help ensure fidelity of implementation, and more. Administrators can only view student data of their mentors.


Annual Subscription Pricing

1 school/site $499 ea.
2-5 schools/sites $479 ea.
6-10 schools/sites $459 ea.
11-20 schools/sites $439 ea.
21-50 schools/sites $419 ea.
51+ schools/sites $399 ea.
Subscription fee includes 1 year of application maintenance, upgrades, trouble shooting, technical support, remote onboarding, and onboarding training
Purchase Order (PO) and credit card payments accepted.