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Photo of mentor with student, representing Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention.

About Check & Connect

Check & Connect is an evidence-based intervention used with students in grades K-12 who are disengaged from school and learning. The core of Check & Connect is a trusting relationship between the student and a caring, trained mentor. This mentor both advocates for and challenges the student and partners with the family, school, and community to keep education salient for the student.

Students are referred to Check & Connect when they show warning signs of disengaging from school, such as poor attendance, behavioral issues, and/or low grades.

Mentors work with caseloads of students and families for at least two years. They function as liaisons between home and school, striving to build constructive family-school relationships.

Demonstrated Outcomes

Demonstrated outcomes of Check & Connect include:

See Selected Findings from Check & Connect Research Studies for more information.

Since the 1990s, Check & Connect has been implemented across the United States in over 27 states, and internationally.

Check & Connect in National Databases

Check & Connect is referenced in several databases, including the following:

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