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Photo of mentor with student, representing Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention.

School teacher skeptical at first, but has since found Check & Connect helps at-risk students be successful


"I would definitely recommend it. I know from my own experience that you know... you look at these new programs and they come... you know, they're a dime a dozen these days. But Check & Connect is definitely one that I've seen work with students who otherwise don't have those connections. We only have 2 social workers in our building. We can't get all the kids who are having issues with attendance and just getting their academic lives together to go to those two social workers. So it's two additional people in the building who really know how to connect with our youth, and know how to branch that connection so that it's not a situation where you have one professional in the building siding against another professional, advocating for a student. It's a true advocation where the professionals and the students and the teachers and administrators can all come together and come up with a plan so that everyone's happy with the end product and the student results in being successful. So it's a very good program for getting to that end, having a student who is struggling get to a position where they can be successful."

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