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Statewide Implementation in North Carolina

Communities In Schools of North Carolina

Communities In Schools of North Carolina (CISNC) and its affiliates are implementing Check & Connect across the state. CISNC is unique in that it is a member of the national Communities In Schools network and as such, CISNC provides integrated student supports or wraparound services to propel student success in more than 300 schools across North Carolina. Based directly inside schools, student support specialists connect students and their families to evidence-based services and supports, as well as critical educational and community-based resources, to increase attendance, improve behavior, enhance coursework and engage more parents and families in student success.

Through an exhaustive review of evidence-based programs that could be implemented as part of the CIS Model, CISNC discovered and selected Check & Connect for two reasons. First, it fits seamlessly into the CIS Model as a tier 3 support and involves processes familiar to students support specialists. Second, it adds a structured and evidence-based tool to the toolbelt of our student support specialists when working with students who may need more intensive monitoring and support.

Since the fall of 2016, more than 76 student support specialists in North Carolina have been trained to implement Check & Connect as a tier 3 intervention in the CIS Model. In addition to training staff, CISNC is currently exploring how to expand trainings to local school districts across North Carolina.

When: Fall 2016

Grade Level: K-12

Student Population Served: CIS serves students placed at-risk for academic failure or dropping out.

Referral Criteria: Students referred to CIS to receive Check & Connect typically have multiple risk factors related to poor attendance, behavior, and course performance.

Implementation Options: CIS places trained student support specialists in schools to provide integrated student supports. While CIS has the ability to train district staff and others, currently, only full-time student support specialists are implementing Check & Connect.

Use with Existing Initiatives: Check & Connect is CISNC's go-to tier 3 intervention. This means that Check & Connect is used in combination with tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 supports to positively impact individual student success.

Funding: Check & Connect is funded by a combination of public and private funds.

Contact: Collin McColskey-Leary, Research and Implementation Manager, Communities In Schools of North Carolina, 984.664.9404,

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