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Statewide Implementation in Missouri

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Beginning in the year 2012, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education decided to offer Check & Connect as an option for its schools with especially high dropout rates among students with and without disabilities. Check & Connect staff trained staff from Missouri's nine regional professional development centers, who then provided Check & Connect training to interested schools in their respective regions. These regional professional development centers also provide ongoing support to schools implementing Check & Connect, especially those without a designated Check & Connect coordinator.

When: The first group of sites started implementing Check & Connect in Fall 2012. More schools have since joined in; these sites began implementing Check & Connect in Fall 2013.

Scope: Currently, about 50 schools altogether are implementing Check & Connect.

Grade levels served: Most of the Missouri schools are implementing Check & Connect with secondary students.

Student populations served: Students with and without disabilities.

Referral criteria: Each school sets its own Check & Connect referral criteria.

Implementation options: Some schools are using teachers as Check & Connect mentors, some are using AmeriCorps volunteers as Check & Connect mentors, and some are using dedicated Check & Connect mentors.

Use with existing initiatives: About half of the Missouri schools have adopted Check & Connect as part of their dropout prevention efforts; the other half are using it as a Tier II intervention.

Funding: The Check & Connect training and regional professional development support for Check & Connect implementation is provided by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which plans to support these activities indefinitely. Individual schools and districts must find or fund their own Check & Connect mentors.

Contact: Barb Gilpin, Assistant Director, Effective Practices, Office of Special Education, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education,, 573.751.7661

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