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Preparation & Implementation Training

Preparation & Implementation Training manual

Check & Connect’s Preparation & Implementation Training provides administrators and leadership teams with a thorough overview of the intervention and how to prepare their site for implementing with fidelity.


After completing C&C’s Preparation & Implementation training, participants will be able to:

Who Should Attend

Preparation & Implementation training is designed for administrators and/or leadership teams interested in preparing for and implementing Check & Connect.

This training option is ideally suited for sites —

This training content is not designed for mentors.

Training Options

Location Cost per participant Materials provided to each participant Training
Implementing with Fidelity manual Participant guide
Self-Paced Online $295 Implementing with Fidelity Manual Preparation & Implementation Participant Guide Minimum of 2.5 hours to view
(Expires in 3-weeks)
Includes 30 minutes of TA per participant with a National Trainer
Open Enrollment at U of M* $325/$295
early bird
Implementing with Fidelity Manual Preparation & Implementation Participant Guide 6 hours in one day Additional travel costs/airfare & hotel
Onsite Call for pricing Implementing with Fidelity Manual Preparation & Implementation Participant Guide 6 hours in one day Additional implementation support included from a C&C national trainer includes planning call before training, 5 hours of technical assistance post training

*Open Enrollment training also hosted across the country and around the world.


Registration Process Infographic



We have several people at our site who want to register for this training. Is group registration possible?

Yes! When completing registration, you have the option of adding additional group members when reviewing your registration summary. We encourage group registration, as this facilitates the possibility to combine your technical assistance.


If more than one person from my organization is participating in the training, can we complete the training as a group?

Yes! Completing Check & Connect’s Self-Paced Online Preparation & Implementation Training as a group is encouraged; however, it is not required. This self-paced online training can be completed individually, however preparing for your implementation after training is highly encouraged to be done as a leadership team.

How will I access the online training?

Within one business day of your materials arriving, you will receive an email invitation from with the subject "You're invited to a Video Hub." This email will direct you to create a password to access the training. Once your materials arrive, you will have 3 weeks to complete training before your password expires.

How long does it take to complete the self-paced online training?

For Check & Connect’s Self-Paced Online Preparation & Implementation Training, the minimum time to view the training videos is 2.5 hours. This training is designed with activities to complete during the training and program planning questions to discuss as a leadership team after the training. If teams complete the training together, the program planning may be completed during the training. Team planning time varies considerably based on the scale and scope of implementation.

What materials are provided to complete the training?

The Check & Connect Implementing with Fidelity manual and Training Participant Guide are included in the training materials that will be shipped to the registration mailing address. The C&C Implementing with Fidelity manual is our expanded guide to the theoretical foundations, components, elements, and steps for implementing Check & Connect. The Training Participant Guide includes planning resources and other materials that are part of the training activities. Both resources will be utilized throughout the online training experience.

After completing each training, will I receive a certificate?

You will receive a certificate of participation via email stating you have completed Check & Connect’s Self-Paced Online Preparation & Implementation Training. Certificates of participation do not, however, certify you as a Check & Connect trainer.


What exactly is technical assistance?

Technical assistance (TA) is the opportunity for participants to consult with a C&C National Trainer. Each training participant receives 30 minutes of TA provided by phone or online meeting. During this time, participants may ask general questions, gain help with initial planning, or address specific issues related to implementation (e.g., data collection/use, mentor support, family engagement, next steps, etc.).

If we have multiple people from our site participating in the online training, can we combine our technical assistance?

Yes! If you have multiple people from your site completing Preparation & Implementation Training, we encourage you to combine your technical assistance sessions. For example, if you have 6 people register for this training, each participant will receive 30 minutes of technical assistance. This would be a total of 3-hours of technical assistance that your team can coordinate with your National Trainer.


Can mentors take the Self-Paced Online Preparation & Implementation training?

The Self-Paced Online Preparation & Implementation (P&I) Training is for administrators and leadership teams who will plan the implementation of Check & Connect. This training is also recommended for leaders who may be supporting/supervising the work of mentors. Mentors typically do not participate in this training unless they will be serving in a dual role as coordinator and mentor.

How do mentors receive formal training?

Self-paced Online Mentor Training is in development. Self-Paced Online Mentor training covers content mentors will need in their practice, including topics such as how to record and analyze data weekly, personalizing student interventions, engaging with families, etc. Coordinators who complete Self-Paced Online Preparation & Implementation training may also want to consider completing Mentor training as well, so they have a better understanding of the work of mentors.

Check & Connect also offers 2-day Mentor training on our University of Minnesota campus at regular intervals. In addition, our National Trainers conduct on-site training for groups of 10 or more. Please contact us if you are interested in additional information on on-site training.


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