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Photo of mentor with four students, representing Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention.

The Student Engagement Instrument

The Student Engagement Instrument (SEI™) is a brief 35 item self-reporting survey measuring cognitive and affective engagement. Data allows school professionals to gain insights into a student’s sense of control, intrinsic motivation, and future aspirations (cognitive engagement factors). Support teams working with students will also have a better understanding of a student’s relationships with teachers, peers, and family support (affective engagement factors).

Disengagement starts long before academic and behavioral indicators signal a need for intervention. The online Engage SEI™ will allow schools to increase effectiveness of early identification processes. For those students who are already showing signs of disengagement, combining Engage SEI™ data with academic and behavioral data will help staff provide targeted engagement interventions.

Engage SEI™

The new Engage SEI™ resource is our online platform allowing schools to easily and efficiently gather information on internal factors of student engagement. The online survey is proctored by a school staff member and may be administered individually or in group settings.

Cover of the SEI Engagement Instrument Implementation Guide

Fall 2019!

Engage SEI™ measures what students think and feel about school. Engage SEI™ —

  • Measures affective and cognitive student engagement using a self-report survey
  • Delivers the survey via an online platform for easy individual or group administration
  • Provides data to identify early warning signs of disengagement
  • Gives support team members information they need to develop personalized interventions

The online Engage SEI™ is utilized by —

  • Teams working on interventions with students who are disengaged
  • School staff who needing data on student engagement to improve interventions
  • Student support teams delivering tiered support systems for at-risk students
  • Professionals serving all students in grades 6-12

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