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Photo of mentor with student, representing Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention.

Check & Connect Brochure

To download Check & Connect's tri-fold, four-color brochure (including a Spanish version), follow the instructions below. You may print, fold, and share the brochure with your school administrators, parents, and colleagues.

Brochure   Backside
Front side   Back side

Printing In-House

It's best to print the brochure on a printer that offers double-sided and color printing. For optimal printing, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and open the PDF below (note that the 2nd page is upside-down for duplex printing on a single piece of paper)
    1. Check & Connect Brochure in English
    2. Check & Connect Brochure in Spanish
  2. Select File > Print
  3. Look for the following options:
    • Double- or two-sided printing (if your printer has this option)
    • Scale at 100% (deselect options such as Fit to page, Fill entire paper, or Print entire image as these will shift the fold lines on the paper)
  4. Fold printed brochure in two places:
    1. The left edge of the cover image (cover facing out)
    2. The right edge of the yellow sidebar with the three photos (sidebar tucked under the cover)

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