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Statewide Implementation in Florida

Florida's State Personnel Development Grant

Florida's State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), Successful Graduates, is designed to respond to concerns about the graduation, academic proficiency, and dropout rates of students with disabilities. The projects funded by the SPDG seek to build capacity to increase school completion rates of secondary-aged students with disabilities (grades 6–12). Funding is provided to support the implementation of Check & Connect and/or to scale-up an existing initiative related to the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM™) and to enlist parental support of these practices.

Districts are invited to apply for support for two years of implementation of Check & Connect and/or the scaling up of the Strategic Instruction Model™. Invited districts are selected based on their performance on SPP Indicators 1 (graduation rate), 2 (dropout rate) and 3c (participation and performance on statewide assessments). Implementation sites are provided with financial support for start-up costs, funds for travel to allow school personnel to attend professional development in Check & Connect or SIM™, funds for substitutes or stipends, onsite and virtual coaching, teacher and student materials, and ongoing technical assistance to ensure fidelity of implementation of Check & Connect and/or SIM™.

Grade levels served: Grades 6-12

Student populations served: Students with disabilities

Referral criteria: Each school sets its own Check & Connect referral criteria

Implementation options: Most schools use existing staff as Check & Connect mentors, but schools can use their SPDG funds to assist in funding a dedicated Check & Connect mentor.

Use with existing initiatives: Each district which participates in the SPDG is required to consider how Check & Connect will fit with their existing initiatives.

Funding: Florida's SPDG is a five-year project funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), United States Department of Education.


Contact: Peg Sullivan, SPDG Co-director, Florida Gulf Coast Coast University,, 239.590.7748

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