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Check & Connect Community Spotlight

Check & Connect Tulsa

In 2006, members from the Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative (a program of the Community Service Council) — Center for Community School Strategies, Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS), Tulsa Public Schools, and the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau — forged an alliance to bring Check & Connect to Tulsa as a prevention initiative.

Read Finding What Works: Data and Results Report from Fall Semester 2015.

Scope: Check & Connect Tulsa is implemented in two elementary schools and one middle school, however the social worker at one high school also implements Check & Connect strategies, collects/monitors data, and attends Check & Connect monthly team meetings.

Student population and grades served: Through their intervention services, 120 elementary and middle school-aged students are being served. However, through their universal prevention strategies, nearly 1,100 students are served in all grade levels in West Tulsa.

Referral criteria: The specific population Check & Connect Tulsa serves are chronically absent students or those showing signs of disengagement with their education. They begin outreach with students once they have missed 4 days of school in a quarter.

Implementation options: Check & Connect Tulsa employs DHS social workers as Check & Connect mentors to support participating students, promote attendance, and build relationships school wide.

Outcomes: Check & Connect Tulsa began an extensive data collection and analysis process in 2015. The data reveals that Check & Connect leads to positive outcomes for Tulsa’s schools and children, particularly those children who are challenged by chronic absence, poverty, and homelessness. See specific details in their report, Finding What Works: Data & Results Report - Fall Semester 2015.

Funding: In Tulsa, Check & Connect is a partnership between the Community Service Council, Tulsa Public Schools, The Oklahoma Department of Human Services and the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau.

Contact: Kelly Kruggel, Check & Connect Tulsa Organizational Manager, Center for Community School Strategies, 918-699-4239,

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Posted May 4, 2016

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